Tina Lynn Evans, Ph.D.
Professor, Sustainability Studies

Colorado Mountain College

Author of the book

Occupy Education:
Living and Learning Sustainability


Guest Editor for the

Special Issue of the Journal of Sustainability Eduction

Focused on Generating and Maintaining Hope and Agency


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Recent Articles

"Sustainable Leadership: Toward Restoring the Human and Natural World," in Benjamin W. Redekop, Deborah Rigling Gallagher, and Ryan Satterwhite (eds.), Critical Perspectives in Environmental Leadership, 2018. New York: Routledge.

"Finding Heart: Generating and Maintaining Hope and Agency through Sustainability Education." Journal of Sustainability Education (December 2015).

"Transdisciplinary Collaborations for Sustainability Education: Institutional and Intragroup Challenges and Opportunities." Policy Futures in Education, 13(1), January 2015, pp. 70-96: version 2 accepted for publication available here; final version published by Sage Publications available online.

With David Greenwood. "Speaking Our Truth: A Dialog on Hope and Agency in Education and Life." Journal of Sustainability Education (December 2015).

With Jerome Osentowski, Adam Brock, Isabel Sanchez, and Creighton Hofeditz. "Permaculture as Hope and Agency for Sustainability." Journal of Sustainability Education (December 2015).

"Hope and Agency as Ontological Imperatives for Sustainability Education: An Introduction to the Special Issue of the Journal of Sustainability Education Focused on Hope and Agency." Journal of Sustainability Education (December 2015).

Colorado Mountain College
Course Syllabi
Introduction to Sustainability, fall 2017
Foundations of Sustainability, fall 2017
Permaculture Design I, fall 2017, team taught
Permaculture Design II, summer 2017, team taught
Sustainability Capstone, spring 2017, team taught
Sustainable Economics, spring 2017
Energy Systems and Sustainability, spring 2017
Cultural and Place Based Equity, fall 2015
Careers and Professional Skills in Sustainability, spring 2013
Fostering Sustainable Behavior, fall 2012

Other Resources

End of Oil Course Texts and Films, Past and Present

Post-War Table of the Development of
Enforced Dependency in the World-System

Past Courses
End of Oil, winter 2012 
Introduction to Environmental Studies, fall 2010
Reading and Writing in College, fall 2010
Community Internship, summer 2010

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